Who We Are

The Conflict Analytics Lab is a LegalTech think tank on conflict resolution, artificial intelligence and data analytics. It comprises a global network of experts drawn from across industry and academia, based at the Queen’s University Faculty of Law and Smith School of Business in Canada. As the flow of data continues to increase in both volume and variety, using this data to make successful decisions has become a priority. Our research will provide a crucial tool as organizations develop new cultures of decision-making and legal reasoning.

Our Mission

Using AI research and analytics:

  • to develop AI applications for lawyers, negotiators, and dispute resolution specialists
  • to develop a global ecosystem of startups
  • to better understand workplace transformations and organizational disputes
  • to promote access to justice

What is conflict analytics?

Conflict analytics is the process of extracting actionable knowledge from data to assist in-house counsels, negotiators, and human resources professionals as well as mediators and arbitrators. Advanced analytics and AI tools can help to reveal trends and patterns in past disputes that inform legal and negotiation strategies and predict outcomes in current disputes. Conflict analytics does not provide black-box solutions. Data-driven insights are not meant to replace human wisdom; rather, they act as a complement to it.

What We Do

Applied research – We develop artificial intelligence and data analytics applications for the legal industry.

Advisory – We advise on conflict analytics and negotiation predictability and consistency.

Legal Tech Incubator – We are developing an innovation ecosystem to support legal tech entrepreneurs.

Education – We are educating the next generation of lawyers, negotiators and mediators.